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Text Analysis Pedagogy Institute

Text Analysis Pedagogy Institute

The 2021-2022 TAP Institutes project has now ended. In the coming months, this space will contain all the materials from the institutes. For now, you might want to check out the Open Educational Resources from TAP Institute 2021.

These materials are being compiled now for our final report:

  • New open educational notebooks with executable code in Python and R
  • An online directory of educators working in humanities text analysis to facilitate community growth and connection
  • An online directory of existing books, lessons, workshops, and syllabuses
  • An email list and Slack channel for community support and discovery
  • A whitepaper that describes the findings of each institute

TAP Institute 2023?

We do not have plans to offer another TAP Institute in 2023. If plans change, we will share that update on this page and through our mailing list.