Join Our Team and Help Incarcerated Learners

Join Our Team and Help Incarcerated Learners

We have a big goal for the recently-announced JSTOR Access in Prison Initiative:

We want to get JSTOR into the hands of every incarcerated college student in the US.  

We are thrilled to be able to tackle such a big and meaningful goal, but we also heartily recognize: achieving big goals takes a lot of work!  JSTOR Labs is enthusiastic to dig in, but we're going to need more hands working on this. Which means: we're hiring!

We are seeking to hire two new team members to contribute to our efforts to bring JSTOR to incarcerated students:

  • The Manager, JSTOR Access in Prison Initiative, will lead the team towards the big goal above, one student, facility and higher education in prison program at a time. The ideal candidate will be a mission-minded entrepreneur, familiar with the landscape of technology and education in prisons.
  • The Software Engineer will lead the development of our offline and direct access solutions, scale the access to these solutions, and maintain this infrastructure. The ideal candidate will be a full-stack developer with a proven inclination to action and a burning desire to have a positive impact in society.

For both roles, our aim is to hire people with lived proximity to incarceration and its impacts, and who understand first-hand the complexities and potential impact of this work.

If you might be interested in either role, please apply through the links above!  And if you have any questions whatsoever about the role or the JSTOR Access in Prison Initiative, please don't hesitate to ask.